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Some Moments Captured at This Years Conference

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Figuring out the exact steps to grow your business is hard. You probably weren’t taught what to do when you learned how to give financial advice. We know how that goes. That’s why we’ve been helping advisors grow their businesses for a long time now. And that is why we make sure all of our speakers have had tremendous. At our conference they will share their secrets on how they got to where they are at now.

Master the art of client marketing so you can grow organically. Get the real referral strategies from our top producers. Learn proven techniques, that you and your team can implement to solve your referral problems for good.

Learn some of the best practices used for a new advisor to bring in tons of new accounts through seminars. Not only that, but learn the tools that are being used to bring in and close multi-million dollar accounts.

If you aren’t growing organically, then you need to be prospecting. Learn the strategies and campaigns top advisors use to go from a few dozen prospects to a few hundred.

If your closing rate is less than 60% then you need to learn the 5 steps to closing more business. Improve your closing ratio and increase your AUM dramatically by learning this magical process.

How do you achieve hyper-growth? It’s not just one thing, but many. At the conference you will get glimpses into all the strategies that are used to grow your practice exceptionally well in just a few years.

What does a website do for you? How should you be using it? What about LinkedIn and Facebook? Learn the processes that multi-million dollar companies use to generate new business and how it applies to your own business.

Strategic Partnerships should become the backbone of your strategy to generate new assets. You will learn the techniques that some of most successful advisors are using to generate assets rapidly and solidly.

meet our speakers

We have selected some of the most successful, growth-minded advisors out there. They have proven year after year that they know how to grow their business with fantastic results. 

  • Chad Henry

    One of the least expensive, most profitable ways to generate new business is by getting introductions from COIs. Normally, building relationships – and getting referrals – from COIs is a slow, laborious process.

    Chad Henry has found a short cut.

    You already know Chad is building an awesome business with seminars. In the course of doing that, he discovered the key to the heart of attorneys and CPAs. Who knows? You too might add several productive strategic partners in 2018-2019. And I’m talking partners, not the hated

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  • Rob Rose $100M in a Year: How to Build Unstoppable Momentum

    Since 2009, Rob has doubled his business not once, not twice, but three times. Now, he has $385 million in AUM. In the process, he also went from 50% fees to 98% fees.

    But this year, Rob set perhaps his most ambitious goal yet: $100M in new AUM in only 12 months.

    Pie in the sky? Not for Rob.

    As of the end of first quarter 2018, they have brought in $24M in new assets.

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  • Ray Dunlap Client Marketing" to "How to Grow Without Prospecting

    With 34 years of experience and over $100 million in AUM, Atlanta-based advisor Ray Dunlap is, quite simply, one of the best in the industry at client marketing.

    Like many advisors, Ray once thought he had all of his clients’ assets. Then, he revamped his business model to center around building a client community. Since then, he’s generated dozens of new referrals and raised millions in new AUM every year –

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  • Bill Good Systematized Growth

    Bill Good is the Founder of Bill Good Marketing. He is an industry legend with more than 40 years of experience serving the wealth management industry. He has helped countless advisors become millionaires, and to this day continues to do so.

    At AdvisorCon, Bill will show you:

    • The five biggest obstacles for growth advisors will face over the next few years, and how to overcome them.

    • The five biggest opportunities for growth you’ll be presented with and how to seize them.

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    Craig Moser is a portfolio manager and financial advisor in North Carolina with $142 million in AUM. He enjoyed a great 2017, bringing in around $24M, mostly from referrals.

    He’s on pace to SHATTER that this year.

    In the first quarter alone, Craig brought in $16M in new assets. His average account size is between $600,000 to $1 million, although lately, Craig reports, he’s been closing new accounts that are even bigger.

    A big reason for Craig’s success is his outstanding

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  • JUSTIN WOOD & PEDRO MARTHEYN Growing with Digital Marketing

    Justin Wood is the founder of KRFTWRK, a digital design and marketing agency in Toronto. Justin’s experience has taught him that it doesn’t take a large company to produce great results. Instead, having the right team with the right strategies is what advisors need to find interested and qualified leads through digital marketing.

    At AdvisorCon, Justin will show you:

    • How to build a viable digital marketing pipeline to funnel qualified leads into your practice.

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  • Neil McPeak, Jr. How to Sell to HNW Prospects

    New Jersey advisor Neil McPeak, Jr. is an Associate Vice President in a billion-dollar practice. As a Wharton graduate, he has lots of sophistication in all kinds of securities analysis, but until last year, he worked almost solely with existing clients.

    Starting in 2017, Neil decided it was time to grow – and fast! At first, Neil didn’t much success generating new prospects, or closing the ones he met with. But after making some important adjustments, his growth exploded. Neil raised $29 million in new AUM last year alone, mainly through seminars.

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  • Rhonda Ferguson Dominating Your Market

    Some financial advisors absolutely dominate their local market. Rhonda Ferguson, a retirement income specialist in Columbus, Mississippi, is definitely one of those. With over 34 years of experience and $500 million in AUM, Rhonda has mastered many different forms of prospecting, from classic channels like seminars to more modern ones like relationship marketing and social media.

    At AdvisorCon, Rhonda will show you:

    • How to leverage your existing relationships to get introductions to the most desirable prospects in your market.

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  • Steve Robbins & Lisa Avenevoli How to Grow Using Social Media and Events

    Steve and Lisa are two of the best prospectors we’ve ever come across.

    You see, most advisors get their prospects from one, maybe two different sources. But not Steve and Lisa. Month after month, year after year, these two partners reach their business goals because they always receive a steady flow of prospects. How do they do this? Through a diversified prospecting strategy that contains seven different sources of new leads.

    Two of those sources are events and social media.

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  • Michele Tellstone Turning Your Team into a Machine for Growth

    Michelle Tellstone is the Operations Manager for MinichMacGregor, a wealth management firm in Saratoga Springs, NY with over $220 million in AUM. Michelle’s job is equivalent to that of a Business Manager for a law firm or medical practice. Her role is make the team function like a machine. All the moving pieces that go into a wealth management practice- like relationship management, office management, compliance, administrative work, and so on – have to work together. No wasted effort or time. Nothing left to chance or allowed to fall through the cracks.

    As a result, Michelle saves the advisors on her team approximately forty hours of work each week. You read that right. Because of Michelle,

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The Founder

Bill Good

“My team and I have been helping advisors grow their businesses for more than 40 years. We are finally opening up our 20 year running, Users Conference to all advisors that want to attend. Any of our clients will tell you, that they come year after year because of what they take home and implement in their own offices.”

Stop spinning your wheels

Our speakers = stellar success + exceptional growth.

Year after year, we invite top producers to share their secrets with our clients. This is the first time ever that we are opening up our conference to non-clients. Don’t miss your change to get the best practices, right from the mouths of advisors, like you, who have implemented them. 

proven tactics

You will get pages and pages of proven tactics. 


You will get the methods our most successful advisors use to achieve hyper-growth.

best practices

Add to and refine your own best practices, resulting in more growth for you.

actionable items

Learn, get and use actionable items that will move you in an upward trajectory. 

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