First launched in 1987, AdvisorCon (formerly Users Conference) is the oldest and longest-running conference for financial advisors in North America.  It’s also the only conference dedicated specifically to helping advisors grow.  Every year, we bring in some of the industry’s top producers to show you what’s working now in financial marketingYou’ll learn the specific strategies, methods, and ideas they use to bring in millions in new AUM every year – and how you can do it, too!

how AdvisorCon is different

Most advisor conferences are heavy on motivational speakers and technology vendors.  AdvisorCon is more practical.  You’ll be networking with your peers, learning actionable strategies and proven best practices you can implement the moment you get home. 

But the most unique thing about AdvisorCon?  It’s collaborative.  Here, unlike anywhere else, you’ll meet advisors from every rung of the ladder, all happy to share their insights and ideas with you.  Here’s how long-time attendee Montee Sneed puts it:

The cool thing about this conference is that everyone shares with everyone else.  At AdvisorCon, we’re colleagues, not competitors.  It’s a fantastic place to learn, to network, to be inspired.  Everyone is so generous with their time and expertise.  The top producers in the country are there, happy to help even the little guys, like I used to be. 

The quality is so good, I fill up an entire notepad with ideas.  So, if you’ve never been before, take it from me: I’ve been to this conference many times, and I highly recommend going. 

Attend. Learn. Grow.

This year’s conference has passed. But, details about AdvisorCon 2019 can be found on BillGood.com

You can also purchase online access to the AdvisorCon 2018 Recordings.

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