Chad Henry

    One of the least expensive, most profitable ways to generate new business is by getting introductions from COIs. Normally, building relationships – and getting referrals – from COIs is a slow, laborious process.

    Chad Henry has found a short cut.

    You already know Chad is building an awesome business with seminars. In the course of doing that, he discovered the key to the heart of attorneys and CPAs. Who knows? You too might add several productive strategic partners in 2018-2019. And I’m talking partners, not the hated “strategic one-way streets.”

    At AdvisorCon, Chad will show you:

    • How to get appointments with nearly every client attorney & CPA

    • What to say in the appointment that will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

    • How to discipline Strategic Partners that don’t provide referrals

    • How to maintain Top-of-Mind awareness with all Strategic Partners & COIs.

    • How to provide a massive flow of referrals to your Partners

    • And, most importantly, how to get a massive flow of referrals back!

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