Craig Moser is a portfolio manager and financial advisor in North Carolina with $142 million in AUM. He enjoyed a great 2017, bringing in around $24M, mostly from referrals.

    He’s on pace to SHATTER that this year.

    In the first quarter alone, Craig brought in $16M in new assets. His average account size is between $600,000 to $1 million, although lately, Craig reports, he’s been closing new accounts that are even bigger.

    A big reason for Craig’s success is his outstanding sales process. He’s nailed the science of closing, crafting a series of very specific steps that keep the prospect moving, all the way to signing the paperwork.

    And now, Craig’s going to share his sales process with you.

    At AdvisorCon, Craig will show you:

    • The profiling questions he asks. This is so important!

    • The different types of analyses he performs on each prospect. Craig’s approach is a terrific way to ensure each prospect’s desire outweighs their fear of change, a prerequisite for closing.

    • How his team contributes to closing.

    In his presentation, Craig will break down and share his sales process with you. While every advisor is different, there’s a lot in Craig’s process that you can replicate and customize for your own use. This will be one of those presentations people will be talking about for a long time. You don’t want to miss it.

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