Michele TellstoneTurning Your Team into a Machine for Growth

    Michelle Tellstone is the Operations Manager for MinichMacGregor, a wealth management firm in Saratoga Springs, NY with over $220 million in AUM. Michelle’s job is equivalent to that of a Business Manager for a law firm or medical practice. Her role is make the team function like a machine. All the moving pieces that go into a wealth management practice- like relationship management, office management, compliance, administrative work, and so on – have to work together. No wasted effort or time. Nothing left to chance or allowed to fall through the cracks.

    As a result, Michelle saves the advisors on her team approximately forty hours of work each week. You read that right. Because of Michelle, and the system she oversees, her advisors are able to focus almost 100% of their time on reviewing portfolios, preparing financial plans, and meeting with clients and prospects. That is how you build a $220M practice.

    At AdvisorCon, Michelle will show you:

    • The vital roles that ensure a thriving practice, and how to fill them.

    • The systems and processes Michelle employs to protect her advisors’ time.

    • How the entire team can help find more assets, close more prospects, and generate more referrals.

    Note from Michelle: “Every year, we have our team members attend AdvisorCon so we can identify what we can incorporate into our own practice. Networking and hearing a variety of real-life best practices is very beneficial, and we discuss and implement what we learn throughout the year. I’m excited for the opportunity to share some of the things we’re doing. We’ve learned a lot from past presenters over the years, so I’m hoping to give back a little!”

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