Neil McPeak, Jr.How to Sell to HNW Prospects

    New Jersey advisor Neil McPeak, Jr. is an Associate Vice President in a billion-dollar practice. As a Wharton graduate, he has lots of sophistication in all kinds of securities analysis, but until last year, he worked almost solely with existing clients.

    Starting in 2017, Neil decided it was time to grow – and fast! At first, Neil didn’t much success generating new prospects, or closing the ones he met with. But after making some important adjustments, his growth exploded. Neil raised $29 million in new AUM last year alone, mainly through seminars.

    At AdvisorCon, Neil will show you:

    • How to use seminars to achieve fast, explosive growth in just twelve months. If you’re impatient to grow, this presentation is for you.

    • How he attracts HNW prospects to his seminars.

    • His method for closing HNW prospects and converting them into multi-million dollar accounts.

    • The important lessons he learned that took from no appointments to LOTS of appointments.

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