Rob Rose$100M in a Year: How to Build Unstoppable Momentum

    Since 2009, Rob has doubled his business not once, not twice, but three times. Now, he has $385 million in AUM. In the process, he also went from 50% fees to 98% fees.

    But this year, Rob set perhaps his most ambitious goal yet: $100M in new AUM in only 12 months.

    Pie in the sky? Not for Rob.

    As of the end of first quarter 2018, they have brought in $24M in new assets. They’re on track to do even better in Q2. Rob feels the momentum they have created is literally unstoppable – and it’s all due to a single word.

    The word is “Activity.”

    What Rob has found is that more of the RIGHT activity creates unstoppable momentum. The key word is “right.” You have to do the right kinds of activity in sufficient volume. And Rob has found the perfect mix.

    At AdvisorCon, Rob will show you:

    • What activities generate the most momentum and the most business.

    • The key relationships that generate the most activity and how to cultivate them.

    • How to coordinate your team so that more gets done and no time gets wasted.

    • Rob’s current growth strategy!

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